Spirit Reference

Quick Creation


RankDescriptorTrait LimitsAttribute DotsMax EssenceNumina
1Weak5 dots5-8101-3
2Minor7 dots9-14153-5
3Major9 dots15-25205-7
4Greater12 dots26-35257-9
5Superior15 dots36-45509-11


Health/CorpusResistance + Size
WillpowerPower + Resistance
InitiativeFinesse + Resistance
DefenseLower (unless Rank 1) of Power or Finesse
SpeedPower + Finesse + Species Factor


RatingLevelBase CostMax DurationAdd’l Duration CostEffect
1NoneN/A1 min/succ+0 EssenceN/A
1Strengthen1 Essence10 min/succ+0 Essenceadd Rank to Health/Structure/Defense, shift anchors
2Manipulate2 Essence1 hr/succ+1 Essencetwist emotions, determine animal’s actions
3Control3 Essence1 day/succ+2 Essencechange nature/emotions, minor changes to animal’s actions
4Create4 EssencePermanent+2 Essencecreate example of influence such as object/emotion
5Mass Create5 Essencecreate multiple examples of influence

Innate Abilities

  • Steal Essence: Power + Finesse vs Power + Finesse, steal 1E / success. Can only steal from similar types of creatures without Numen
  • Boost Attributes: 1E / +1, max (Rank + 2) dots/Essence
  • Influence: Spirits have dots in Influence equal to their Rank


Attributes: Spirits do not have skills and only three attributes: Power, Finesse, and Resistance. Any roll the spirit makes is a combination of these two Attributes.

Bans: A behavior Spirits must or must not perform under more specific circumstances. Ranked 1-5, bans increase in complexity and consequence with higher ranks.

Banes: Directly related to the Spirit’s Rank with higher rank indicating a more obscure Bane, Banes are objects or conditions that do specific harm to spirits (typically 1 aggravated for contact while manifested, 1 lethal for contact if in Twilight).

Essence: Much like werewolves, spirits spend Essence to fuel their supernatural abilities. Spirits typically regain Essence from things within their purview.

Influence: The spirit’s ability to control things related to them, Influence ranges from 1-5, the spirit pays Essence depending on the duration and rolls Power + Finesse which sentient creatures contest with Resolve or Composure (higher of) + Supernatural Tolerance.

Numina: Supernatural powers that spirits carry, magic that the spirit can wield which typically relates to the spirit’s purview.


All Numina is activated with a Power + Finesse roll.

Combat Numina

Awe3 EssencePres + Comp + STunable to move or speak for 1 turn (3 on exc succ)
Blast0 Ess +2 Ess/+1LDefenseWounds as +0L weapon, 10 yards/Power range
Drain0 EssenceStam + Reso + STsteal Essence or WP, whoever wins opposed roll gains 1 Ess or WP/success
Emotional Aura (R)1 EssenceReso + Comp + ST5 yard radius, all that fail to resist suffer -2 for the scene
Essence Thief1 EssenceNoneSpirit may consume Essence for creatures of different types, such as angels and ghosts
Regenerate1+ EssenceNoneheal 1hl (Bashing or Lethal) / Essence, heals bashing first
Speed2/4 EssenceNonedoubles (2) or triples (3) speed
Stalwart0 EssenceNoneSpirit uses Resistance for Defense
Telekinesis (R)1 EssenceNoneLift or throw item with Strength = activation successes

Utility Numina

Aggressive Meme7 EssenceReso + Comp + STPlant an idea in a subject mind which is passed on when talked about
Dement (R)1 EssenceInte + STtarget suffers Insane tilt for the scene
Firestarter (R)1 EssenceNonecauses one small fire to break out / success
Hallucination1 EssenceWits + Comp + STeach success over contested roll alters one sense
Host Jump3 EssenceNonetouch transfers possessing spirit to another host with appropriate conditions
Implant Mission (R)2 EssenceNonetarget receives short vision of assigned task and the Obsessed condition
Innocuous0 EssenceNone-2 Perception rolls vs spirit
Left Hand Spanner1 EssenceNonetouched device malfunctions for 1 turn/succ
Mortal Mask1 EssenceWits + Comp – Fine1 hr/success, materialized spirit appears human
Omen Trance1/3 EssenceNone1/day receive visions for self (1E) or others (3E) of events sometime in the next week
Pathfinder (R)1 EssenceReso +STfor scene, know most direct root to destination
Rapture (R)2 EssenceReso + STtarget gains Insensate condition, failed resistance inflicts derangement for (Power) days
Resurrection10 EssenceNoneRank 4+, -1 die/day, resurrects target
Seek (R)0 EssenceNoneroll Finesse, know distance/direction to Anchor/Infra/Resonant, 2 mi range/Rank, +1 Ess x10 distance
Sign1 EssenceNonecreates a single written or verbal message

(R) – Reaching, indicates spirits can use this influence through the Gauntlet

Spirit Reference

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