New York Shadows

Where the Wolves Roam

The history of wolves in New York dates back to the Fey War. While previously Glass Walkers were the only inhabitants of New York, the True Fae invasion reverberated throughout the world and was felt by more than just the Gentry and their Kindred defenders.

When the True Fae came to New York with her army of Hedge creatures, she realized that her foothold wasn’t strong enough to mount the assault she’d need to take back her escaped children. So before she began her assault, she approached the local spirit court and began working her powerful Hedge magic across the Gauntlet. Over night the Spirit Courts were fractured, some fell to the Fey’s twisted magic while others resisted and retreated to regroup.

War broke out in the Shadow as Spirits battled one another for control of their home, but neither side could claim victory over the other. In a moment of desperation, the Spirit Court did the unthinkable and approached the Forsaken, openly and honestly telling them their own Court had been compromised and that they needed help. The local Forsaken Lodge convened all of the Tribes in the area and explained the grim task ahead. While most of the Wolves loathed the idea of living in the city to protect it, their duty as Gatekeepers of the Gauntlet made their obligation clear.

The majority of the tribes agreed to give up their solitary life and claims to territory to stop the encroaching Fey-twisted hordes that were poised to ravage New York, but the problem of the Kindred remained. How could the Wolves openly oppose the spirits of New York in the heart of their nemesis’ den? It was then that one Half-Moon, Cassian Kalitz, stepped forward.

He beckoned The People to follow him and struck off for the city. Upon his arrival, he went straight to the Prince’s domain and both locked themselves away together to speak. While Wolves and Kindred both anxiously awaited in a tenuous hours that followed with the threat of all-out war a mere snarl away, cooler heads prevailed until Cassian emerged from the Prince’s lair and announced that he’d negotiated peace with the Kindred and rights to hunt their lands.

Standing alongside their new allies, the Wolves were waiting on the other side of the Gauntlet when the Kindred pressed their attack against the Fey coming down on the Changeling courts. Though they were vastly outnumbered, The People managed to thwart the tainted spirit’s plans to overthrow the city and held back the Fey Hordes long enough for the Kindred to emerge victorious.

Since then, The People have been welcome additions to New York. Old rivalries were put aside as both Cassian and the Prince came to the abrupt realization that if both the Kindred and the Wolves fought alongside one another, a peace could be maintained. Since then Cassian has been a cornerstone of relations between the Kindred and the People, acting as a mediator and councilor for the Wolves that chose to remain in New York and battle the remnants of the Fey God’s armies.

Flaring Tempers

The most obvious problem The People face is the fact that both the Kindred and Wolves have a Death Frenzy. Even though the very real threat of all out war lingers over both species, conflict has yet to break out much to their surprise. While everyone agrees that powerful magic probably is accountable, no one is quite sure how or why.

Strangers in a Strange Land

Most Packs are welcome in New York if they want to fight off the remnants of the Fey Host, but all of the Packs equally look to Cassian for leadership as he’s the only Wolf so far that managed to gain the support of the Prince. He maintains powerful Rites that bind all of the packs in the area together, all the while letting them preserve their own autonomy. Under his watch, the People have successfully fought alongside the Kindred despite the terrible frenzy that lurks within both species.

New Merit: Through the Veil (••)

Prerequisites: Brawl 2, Werewolf
This fighting merit was developed by Glass Walkers to efficiently and quickly drag the supernatural out of the mortal world. When the Werewolf has a target grappled, this merit allows him to use a Grapple Maneuver to drag the target (and himself) across the Gauntlet and into Shadow. The maneuver requires a reflective surface roughly the size of the werewolf within reach for him to do so. Should the werewolf succeed in the maneuver, he reflexively succeeds in the roll to pass over into Shadow along with his target. To the onlooker, the Werewolf seems to pick up his target and hurl it through the surface (only potentially damaging the object if he fails) then giving chase, only to land on the other side of the Gauntlet. Using this maneuver breaks the Werewolf’s hold on the target.

New York Shadows

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