New York Nights

Kindred Law – The Tenants of New York

Below are the guidelines for the supernatural legal code of New York

The Jus Commune – Common Law

  • Uphold the Masquerade above all else for all supernatural creatures
  • With the exception of the Blood Hunt, Amaranth is forbidden
  • The word of the Prince is Law
  • All citizens of New York, regardless of species, must pay the Red Rent
  • Citizens of New York shall not knowingly inhibit official Court mandates
  • Punishments are fit for the crimes that solicit them

The Traditions of New York

While Common Law remains regardless of the Prince in power, Traditions are established by each Prince to mandate legal matters in the city.

The Arbitration Tradition
  • The tradition of Arbitration, wherein one neutral party resolves conflicts for two other parties
  • If an Arbiter is selected by two parties to resolve disputes, the Arbiter must remain neutral and both parties must respect the Arbiters ruling
  • All residents are expected to be available for Arbitration if called upon
  • Similarly, Boons are always expected to be granted to the Arbiter for services rendered
  • The decision of the Arbiter is “Vinculum Juris” (legally binding) in the eyes of the Court
  • The Arbiter is required to appear in court to give testimony of judgement rendered for Court record
  • The Prince always reserves the right of “Non Obstante Verdicto” (the right to overturn an Arbiters ruling)
The Family Tradition
  • The tradition of the Family Ties, which encompasses individuals joined by blood relation or coterie formation
  • Family Ties exempts incrimination
  • Family Ties exempts selection for Arbitration
  • Disputes among Family Ties shall always be resolved by “Guardian Ad Litem” (Guardian for the Case)
  • Any Arbiter acting as “Guardian Ad Litem” can only be called upon for disclosure by the Prince
The Economic Tradition
  • This tradition outlines the basic principle of “you only get out what you put into it”, meaning the citizens of New York are expected to invest in their city
  • This tradition is mostly used to prevent outside forces from “stripping” the city clean
  • This tradition is believed to be why New York remains one of the strongest concentrations of supernatural energy in the entire world
The Elysium Tradition
  • The Elysium/Haven Tradition identifies places in the city where conflict between supernaturals is forbidden
  • The owner of the Haven, often called the Master of Elysium, is responsible for maintaining the Haven
  • The Mastery of Elysium can claim the right of arbiter without the consent of both parties for legal matters pertaining to or taking place in their Haven
    • If either party appeals, the Prince is automatically named the Arbiter of the dispute
    • If a legal matter concerns the purview of more than one Master of Elysium, the Prince is automatically named the Arbiter

Current Arbitration Rulings

Below are a few of the current, more interesting / wide-ranged arbitration currently in effect in New York.

City-Wide Rulings
  • Werewolf Packs fulfill the Family Ties tradition
  • Priscus can reserve the right of Arbitration for matters concerning their Clan if they can prove “Ex Aequo et Bono” (meaning the Priscus is acting for the good of their Clan)
    • If multiple Priscus can prove “Ex Aequo et Bono”, the Prince is automatically named the Arbiter
  • The Crown shall hold Court monthly to offer aid to the citizens of New York
    • Any citizen can bring forth matters of arbitration to the Prince which automatically forfeits the concession of the other party for choice of Arbiter
  • All parties involved in a matter of Arbitration are allowed to select one person of their choice for council
  • During an Arbitration of the People vs the Prince, the formation of the Night Guard was ratified with the following stipulations:
    • Members of the Night Guard shall be given a stipend (both in accommodations and vitae) for active service
    • Active Night Guard are obligated to report any violations to the Court
    • Active Night Guard are compelled to intervene to prevent masquerade violations and to help resolve civil disputes
    • Active Night Guard are given leave from active service to attend an arbitration if approached by either party which presents a legitimate concern to the well being of a citizen
    • Any supernatural creature may serve in the Night Guard and will be granted citizenship during and after their service baring dishonorable disavowing
      • This arbitration decision was later amended to also include service in the Day Guard
Clan Rulings: Daeva
  • All Daeva are required to intervene to prevent or resolve violations of the masquerade if approached and will not be held accountable for knowledge of crimes committed while protecting the masquerade
    • Daeva are further not compelled to inform the Court of violations, although they are expected to give testimony completely and directly if summoned
Clan Rulings: Gangrel
  • All Gangrel wishing to dwell in New York City are required to join the City-Wide Coterie
  • All Gangrel are required to serve 6 months minimum on the Night Guard
Clan Rulings: Mehket
  • All Mehket are required to serve 6 months minimum on the Night Guard
    • Alternatively, Mehket can volunteer for a 6 month training and service directly to the Clan Priscus
Clan Rulings: Nosferatu
  • All Nosferatu are required to serve 6 months minimum on the Night Guard
Clan Rulings: Ventrue
  • All Ventrue are required to lend assistance as council in arbitration if asked
    • Ventrue are allowed to appoint assistants as proxies if they believe another can perform the duty adequately
    • Ventrue can refuse if they present a compelling conflict of interest, acknowledged by one party of the dispute

New Devotion: City Secrets

Prerequisites: Obfuscate 5, Vigor 3
Cost: 2 Vitae
Dice Pool: Wits + Stealth + Obfuscate
Action: Instant

The vampire can use obfuscate to hide the supernatural from mortal eyes. Within a space of roughly a city block per point of Blood Potency the Kindred possesses, she can hide any and all instances of supernatural occurrences including anything from powers to creatures themselves for the scene. While this Devotion is in effect, two Werewolves could be having a knock-down, car-smashing fight behind a live news reporter and no human would be the wiser.

This Devotion costs 5 Experiences to learn.

New York Nights

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