New York Dreams

History of the Court of Blood

The Winter Court has a strong holding in New York City, along with a few other Changeling Courts. While most supernatural types keep to themselves, the Changelings of New York were facing extension when a powerful True Fae with her hordes of disguised monsters came into the state and began rounding them up to take back to Arcadia.

In a bizarre twist of fate, the Prince (accompanied by his Hound and other members of the Night Guard) intervened. The battle was long and bloody, many Kindred lost their lives but the Kindred prevailed and killed the True Fae. Many Changelings still whisper of the Hound who took on the True Fae in single combat and killed it, dragging its head back to show the Gentry with blood still dripping from its severed neck.

In the aftermath, the Changelings were speechless and ultimately at the mercy of their saviors. While any other Kindred in this position would’ve taken the opportunity to subjugate the lost, the Prince instead restored the Changeling Courts and asked to open relations between the two species. Stunned, the Changelings hesitantly agreed when the offer was accompanied by a promise from the Prince that, so long as he remained in control of New York, the Kindred would come to their aid against the True Fae.

Thus the Court of Blood was formed.

To honor the service done to them, the Gentry decided to even further break tradition by gifting the Prince with an equally unprecedented gift: he was granted the Mantle of the Court of Blood. When the other Changeling Courts caught wind of what they believed was an unholy bargain, many came from the world over. Some to see what took place with their own eyes, other to liberate their Changeling brothers who were surely duped by a fanged antagonist with nefarious intentions. Some even came to wage war, taking out their anger on what they perceived as the binding of their Changeling brethren, furious they were imprisoned once more. The Prince and his Night Guard met each and every threat to the new alliance that was struck and the Blood Court continued on. Some even recruited from their former enemies as they could’t resist what the Prince was offering that no other creature could: proven protection from the True Fae.

The formation of the Court of Blood also rippled outward in the various Kindred societies over the world, most shocked and personally offended that Changelings, who they perceived to be the vagabonds of the supernatural world, were given standing in the eyes of one of the most powerful Kindred cities in the world. Many came to protest and lament the Prince’s decision, but ultimately the cunning Ventrue thwarted all attempts, martial or otherwise, to de-throne him.

And so the uneasy peace continues. While Changelings and Kindred have much to fear from one another, they’ve managed to hold their alliance since the Court of Blood’s formation. Some Changelings rely on the powerful magic suffused into the city to hold the frenzied Kindred at bay while others still forge their own pacts to protect themselves. A few desperate Gentry offer other services, knowing that to the Kindred their blood is sweeter than any Goblin Fruit they could pluck from the Hedge.

Mantle: Court of Blood

The Court of Blood are all too familiar with their supernatural counterparts and gain a +1 bonus on persuasion rolls against non-Changeling supernatural creatures
••The courtier gains a dot of the Goblin Vow (Blood).
•••The Changeling has solidified his involvement in the supernatural world and is accepted by her supernatural peers. The Changeling gains the 2 dot Merit [Species] Kin and begins manifesting slight physical changes in her appearance to mimic the supernatural creature of her choosing
••••Grants a courtier a Personal Approach, usually related to her involvement in the supernatural world. A Huntsman cannot gain Yearning from a Court Approach unless it fulfills the Personal Approach first.
•••••Fully immersed in the Blood Court and entwined in the world of the supernatural, the Changeling reaches the epitome of her power. She chooses one type of supernatural creature and is considered native to them for all mundane and supernatural purposes. While this doesn’t grant the Changelings the innate powers of her associated creature type, she can be targeted and participate in supernatural tasks as though she was one of them.

New Merit: [Species] Kin (••)

A different version of this Merit exists for Kindred, Werewolves, Mages and Sin Eaters. The Changeling improves his Impression level by one step when dealing with his chosen species of his chosen type, unless that creature specifically has reason to personally distrust or doubt the Changeling.

New York Dreams

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