Character Creation

Character Creation Basics

Character Creation as follows:

Stuff to Stat

Starting Template: Human
Attributes: 7/6/5 (All Start at 1)
Skills: 16/12/9 (4 Specialties)
Merits: 18
Extra XP: 16

Supernatural human merits are not off limits, your character can either know about the supernatural or not (up to you)

Skills: Persuasion (3) – Specialty (Haggling)
Merits: Supernatural Resistance (5), Resources (2), Fast Talking (1 & 2)

Opening Prompt
Your character has always had a dream of moving to the big city and you’ve always been a collector. After scrimping and saving, you finally scratched up enough to open your own shop in New York. But like most dreams, the stars left your eyes when the weight of the world set in. You managed to open your own small store but it’s in a sketchy part of town and even though you’re branding yourself as an eclectic antique store, the reality is you have to trade in just about everything and anything to make ends meat. You’ve only been open for a month or two now and even though it’s rough going you’re still optimistic about making it work. You realize that a fair amount of your business happens in the evening so you’ve started staying open later at night. The game picks up with your character opening up her shop and settling in for her shift.

Extra BP will be awarded for Pictures (character, your shop, etc) and Backstory (bullets, quirks, etc). Will award BP through Game 2.

Character Creation

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