What Dreams Wrought

Roz's Diary #1

Game #1

Well, I was quite literally visited by my fairy godmum last night. She gave me something that I’ve been struggling to carve out of this city since I got here…the ability to make my own path. I wonder if I’ll see her again? I’d like to have tea with her and ask her why she choose me. She left me with a ring and three weird little bottles filled with colored water. Look are deceiving though as when I was cleaning the ring and tried it on…it melted away and gave me odd little green tattoos on my ring fingers.

I was naturally a bit confused, but before I could wrap my head around thing a down-on-his luck guy came into my shop. Had jewelry he needed to trade for cash, for a train ticket. He seemed, I don’t know, like he needed a friend somehow so I offered to just give him the money, but then things became odd. He seemed to have mistaken me for someone, but wouldn’t explain, telling me to drink from the “little bottles” I’d gotten from the woman. What does this man know? Before I was able to get him to tell me what was going on a crazy woman…with fangs! exploded into my shop while ripping a man’s throat out. And Mr. Down-on-my luck turned into a bear. Like a crazed Mr. Chocolate. The two fought and it was clear that Mr. Bear was trying to keep me safe. I tried to help, but just ended up making things worse…turns out pepper spray doesn’t hurt crazy murder women, but hurts bears an awful lot. Sorry Mr. Bear! :(

Regardless of the little mishap there, oh, and knocking her with a chair that didn’t even phase her—Mr. Bear was able to knock her out, or well, she kind of seemed dead. And then he wanted me to pull her fangs out with pliers. What?!??!? Ummm, no. But he seriously got scary and I pulled the stupid teeth before I realized what I was doing. The cops were on their way and Mr. Bear told me his name was Hagan and that he was a werebear….like one of those wolfen men from my grandmum’s stories. I can hear her up there now…“I told you girl, I told you!”. He explained the tattoos meant I was a “hedge merchant” and that I better drink the potions before the cops got here because they were too dangerous to have around, they were magic. And like a crazy person I drank the potions.

The cops showed up and questioned us, they were a bit nicer to me than they were to Hagan…wonder if that’s because he makes people uncomfortable. The men in blue seemed, jumpy, around him. Maybe it’s because he saved my life, maybe it’s the Hedge Merchant thing, but he doesn’t unnerve me. In fact, I’m damn grateful he’s here. I’d seriously be dead without him…and seriously be scared too. Shortly after the police showed up a member of the “FBI” showed up…in reality it was a ghoul for the vampire court named Arthur. At that point I was freaked out and overwhelmed so I just showed him the green tattoo, yelled at him to fix my door and stormed off. Maybe not the best idea?

Shortly after a boisterous fellow named Timothy popped into my shop. Seriously, does my shop have a revolving door? I just want a shower…and some sleep after all this. But turned out his visit was actually a welcome thing. He’s really knowledge on things, willing to answer questions and seems interested in, honestly, just whatever I decide I want to do. And he wants a job….ok buddy, what’s the catch? And he’s cute. Hmmmm, gonna have to watch this one.

Hagan decided he’s going to stay here with me, keep me safe. He seems like a truly nice guy, just a bit lost. Either lost in heart or path. Maybe we can help each other?

We all got settled in, had some sleep and some food, and talked about what we wanted to do next. We decided on a plan for the Vamp prince.


2 XP, good stuff.

Roz's Diary #1

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