What Dreams Wrought

Manners, Manipulation, and Murder

Go figure we have been vampires for three days and now we have to go meet Vampire Royalty (really guys, really….). In any case, we (Val and myself) have been prepped and told only what we need to know and how to act. I don’t typically get nervous around other people, I mean have you seen me!? In any case-Daniel told us how to act and everything and let me tell you, there is nothing like feeling the pressure when you are told that one wrong word and some dude is going to literally rip your head off. So let’s just say I decided that it’s best for myself to keep my mouth closed-this one time. That night, Val and I get dapper as fuck and head out to meet the Prince (and let me just say that I looked DAMN good…Val too-I guess ;) ). Once we get there and meet the guy, he takes us up to the roof and I have to say, I don’t really know why everyone was being so secretive with everything. Dude was really cool and didn’t seem like he wanted to waste us, but could just be keeping up appearances. In any case once we get through with that, we head out again back to the mansion to get the third degree from our Makers on what happened. I think we passed…I mean neither of us died, yet at least.

The next night Val and I headed out to pick up some “necessities” with Daniel’s AMex card and not going to lie, I have a laundry list of things I desperately need. I should have known that something was up though when Val NICELY asked if I wanted to accompany her…so we go and pick up some stylist chick that she has working for her. Of course I just can’t help myself when there is an attractive lady around and attempted to engage her in conversation. BUT…Val just dominated the shit out of her until she acted like an obedient puppy. Then you know what she did….LEFT ME! I’m not complaining, most of the time she is about as much to be around as watching CSPAN, but still number one rule: Don’t leave a bro. So I do what I do best, buy a bitching motorcycle and go pick up chicks. I figure if Val can have her toys, I can have mine. I go and find some girl..Jordan, Jane, Jennifer-some J name (to be honest, I couldn’t care less about what her name was, she was hot). So I am chatting her up, laying on the charm, and she is eating that shit up. Then in walks Val, apparently she also knows how to hack my phone (memo to self ALWAYS turn off GPS) and gets J girl thrown out. Not going to lie, for a minute I thought there was going to be a cat fight, which I would have definitely would have been okay with watching.

After being massively cock-blocked, we are supposed to go and see the block that we acquired when we soul-sucked those other vamps. Location is nice, outskirts of the Upper East Side (Val couldn’t be “happier”) and the buildings are pretty bad ass. So far the plan is to make some revenue for ourselves, a club (which of course will be the best because let’s face it, it’s under my managing), apartments, and some other business ventures. I honestly only care about getting the club up and going-Val can take care of the rest.

Oh shit yeah, so I totally forgot besides all these mundane things happening, some serious shit went down the other night. I was sleeping (I don’t really know if that’s what we call it, but that’s essentially what it is), enjoying a conversation with a “friend”, when I am suddenly awakened to find Gabriel pinning me against the wall with Val in the corner trying her damnedest to shred Malakai’s arm. There are dead ghouls and blood fucking everywhere. Being a vampire in theory is great, but in practice, it is ending up to be more than I expected. I don’t want to get all mushy and shit with the feelings, but this is some heavy stuff…I mean for all the girls I get, I don’t have too many friends, and my family was only really interested in what college I attended to make themselves look better, so to “wake” up and being trying to maul the shit out of the people that ACTUALLY care is pretty damn sobering. Now I get why Catherine is so serious all the time-sometimes it isn’t all fun and games.



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