Rayce Westerings

Cock strong and head sure, there isn't any situation Rayce can't get himself out of.....or was that the other way around.


The Narration of Rayce Westerings

Ugh…starting these things are always so awkward, the normal introductions of who I am, where I am from, what am I doing here-all this year after year leaves me bored and really questioning whether journalism is really my thing. I mean here I am sitting here wracking my brain and stressing over a meaningless paper for a freshman level writing class. So Prof. Edwards here is my life, the inner musings of my mind, and the genius that is my introductory writing essay-buckle up because you are getting ready to take a trip down the rabbit hole…

It all began 21 years ago in a small town in Northern Connecticut where a Nancy and John Westerings birthed the most handsome thing into creation (okay if I have to write this about myself-I get creative license to describe things as I see fit). The town rejoiced, newspapers sang to my praises, and there is even rumor of a parade in front of the hospital in my honor. After spending my early childhood mastering the art of walking and talking, I challenged myself with math, science, and language. Things came easily to me and before I knew it elementary, middle, and high school were over. Based on my aptitude for picking things up and the ever persistent nagging of my parents, I decided to go to Columbia hoping they could provide me with some sort of “elevated learning experience”. I started studying journalism in the hopes that I could travel the world answering the questions of the unknown, but have yet to accomplish much more than a few writings for the school paper.

Besides classes I fill my time with the normal college hobbies-bars, girls, and games. As I mentioned earlier, I do find time to investigate different potential stories for the school paper, even though the meaningless dribble they typically publish can hardly be expected to be useful for anything more than a CV space filler. My true passion though stems from way back. Ever since I could remember I have also had an obsession with horror movies, Halloween, haunted houses. But of course I think it goes without saying that the best part of all that are zombies. Now I know that they have been the hit of pop culture, but really I mean you can’t expect a grown man to fawn over the other alternative-glitter covered vampires. Honestly, the worst thing that happened to the supernatural fiction world was “Twilight”, at this point, I don’t even think Anne Rice herself could save the emo, wimpy, whiny bitches that vampires have become; in any case I digress. So that leads me to right now on this night and instead of watching “28 Days Later” for the hundredth time and no doubt comforting some naïve college freshman (they always scare so easily), I am writing this essay. So all in all Prof. Edwards, this has been the life and times of Rayce Westerings and should you find yourself needing more answers to ALL your questions, I’m open to meeting after traditional office hours…

Rayce Westerings

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